A Friend In Me, The Friend Is Me

Illustrated By: Unknown (Uncopyrighted Online Photo)
Written By: God through Greg Megaw

Wow, looking at this song brings back a really special memory for me. This is in fact, my very first song I ever wrote. It
has quite a story behind it. When I was asked to join this one band at the beginning of last year, I joined thinking that
I didn’t have much to offer them, just my beat boxing, which I felt was not really enough. The one night I came home
from band practice and I was feeling terrible. So inadequate. So incompetent. But at the same time, with such a deep
desire to be useful in the band and be able to make music.

At the time, song writing was not something that I thought I would ever be doing, or could ever even do. I didn’t
consider it being something even remotely possible for me, so I never tried. Whilst in my bleakness, I went for a walk
to the local store and while I was walking God gave me an interesting melody in my head that just kept replaying over
and over again… so then I was like “what is this?!” hahaha… then he placed a thought in my head that said.. “What if I
could put words to this tune.. just what if?.. and then??” so I ran home and sat down at my computer to try and put
words to the tune that I had got. I worked on it for most of the night, but after a few hours.. KABOOM! I had finished
my very first song. God changed my life in that moment with one simple melody, and for that I am forever grateful.

This is a song about a friend who tried to talk to one of his friends to get him to see how the bad decisions and
choices he was making was leading him into sin and destruction. The thing about this song though is that it has a bit
of a twist, because the friend making bad choices is actually me, and the friend trying to help represents God, the other
people around me, and my own conscience, all trying to give me advise but I never listened due to my own
stubbornness. God was reminding me of myself, and about how he saves. Big ups to that and much respect to him for

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