My Lullaby

Illustrated By: Unknown (Stock Photo), and Andre Jolicoeur for the Moonlight and Stars Room Image Source
Written By: God through Greg Megaw

ahh yes.. My lullaby.. one of my favorites that I love to sing! This song talks about all the lies that seek to pull you down
and discourage you in life, ranging from our own negative speech to the lies of the devil using our failures and
condemnation as a curse. The part I love though is how God just speaks his truth so directly in the chorus in such a
simple way.. but its truth that breaks through every bit of poison that fills our minds and the hardest of hearts. In the
end it talks about his song that he sings, that frees us from those things that hold us down. I hope that it encourages
you and strengthens you to keep the good fight, and flame on.

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