Ice Princess

Illustrated By: HypnoticIllusion Image Source
Written By: God through Greg Megaw

Haha.. wow, I really enjoyed writing this one.. Ice princess.. this came out of a desire to express in words how our own
flesh is so elegant in its way of betraying us.. Making us think and believe our sin is good for us, beautiful and enjoyable,
when at its core it is destructive, cold and cruel. Thus, this poem personifies our flesh of sin to a beautiful princess of ice,
elegant and seductive.. but destructive and corrupt at the same time. It was an interesting learning experience writing
this piece because I had to learn quite a few new words.. God was wanting me to use different words to describe the color
blue…and blue is one of my most loved colors.. so i was like YAY!! Let’s do this! … So in writing this poem I did a bit of
research and it’s amazing firstly how many colors exist!! And then how many words we have for all of them! Then I saw
how many shades of blue there were… it was insane. To me blue is not just blue anymore.. there are so many incredible
variations of it we have. We truly have a spectacular world of color.

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