The Poultry Conspiracy

Illustrated By: Mookstix Image Source
Written By: God through Greg Megaw

Although this poem is written in a very comical manner, and is almost like a children’s nursery rhyme, it actually describes
many of the troubles and painful things I have experienced over the past few years in my life, and the place I was once in.
The dead bird in the poem is me, not in physical terms, but emotionally and spiritually, worn out, spent a.k.a dead. Each
of the animals in the poem represent certain things in my life, as explained below:

The Cat : A girl who never could truly understand or realize how much she made me hurt through all her actions and words.
The Dog : The friend’s that stood around and just watched while the bird slowly died.
The Duck : Random people who think they know me who get involved and complicate things.
The Cow : Inquisitive people who ask questions then spread rumors.
The Crow : People who make up their own assumptions about things when it’s not even there business.
The Mouse : People who have realized that they actually know nothing of what and who the bird was, but pretended to
have known him.
The Pig : Good people who do make an effort to try and help.
The Owl : Conservative minds – their boxes and ridiculous expectations.
The Sheep : Small Town Syndrome.
The Frog and his Henchfrogs : Sin, and all its corruption and sinful desires.
The Snake : The face of that which desires to be in sin, embrace it, enjoy it and watch it grow.
The Trout : Other people who have gone through similar pain and issues in life.
The Chicken : Well informed people who truly understand bird.
The Fox : Hope. Truth. Righteousness.
The Bee : The aching pain felt through the journey of bad experiences.
The Farmer : Reality.

Thanks for reading my poem! I Hope you enjoyed it! – Greg

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